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Hunting is an enjoyable way to practice your shooting skills, and most of our members enjoy being involved in our hunts. Members will need to be accredited to be included in the hunts, as they are invite only. If you wish to know more about accreditation and how you can earn your spot on the invites list please contact us via email or FB page.

Sustainable Hunting

Conservation runs deep through our day-to-day activities, and we always make sure that we protect the lands that we hunt on. Our members are welcome to join in our conservation efforts to learn more about the lands they hunt on and promote a sustainable hunting source. 

Dialysis Shoots (renal unit donations of Magpie Goose meat)

In 2014 NT F&G was granted a permit to hunt waterfowl out of season, for the direct purposes of protecting farmers crops from destruction and provide Magpie Goose meat to renal patients across the Darwin area. NT F&G have a quality control program for our dialysis shoots prepared by Northern Territory Government.

The majority of patients are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent, receiving renal replacement therapy in the Darwin region. Many of these people have had to relocate from traditional homelands to receive this life saving treatment. This relocation separates individuals from family, community and traditional food sources. Through the Dialysis Goose Program NT F&G has been able to donate Magpie Goose meat either as whole processed birds or as breast and leg meat in packs.

Upcoming hunting Events

Would you like to get involved with our next hunt? We regularly arrange hunting events, just click below to find out more: