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Protecting hunting grounds

We're more than just a gun club

Field and Game Australia was first established in Victoria in 1958 as a Clay target, Conservation and Hunting Organisation. The name comes from “field sportsmen” and “game management” abbreviated to “Field and Game” and was formed by hunters who place a high value on swampland, which because of its unsuitability for agriculture was otherwise regarded, as useless.

They were concerned at the loss of wetland habitat as a result of draining and clearing for agriculture and the consequent loss of habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife. As a result of its activities the then Bolte government cancelled the clearing and draining program and declared 180 State game reserves.

The Association’s habitat restoration and conservation efforts are recognised nationally as an outstanding example of voluntary “hands on” conservation with real habitat improvement outcomes.

Our top locations

NT Field and Game have use of hunting and conservation grounds that we encourage our users to interact with. The two main locations that we use are:

Those who conserve, hunt

Conservation projects in the NT include:

  • Wetland Aerial surveys with Parks and Wildlife

  • Eradication of noxious weeds (Olive Hymenachne) from Harrison Dam with Parks and Wildlife

  • Rubbish removal clean-ups between 2002-2017 at Lambells Lagoon and Harrison Dam hunting reserves

  • Installed rubbish bins at Harrison Dam hunting reserve – collection of rubbish takes place throughout the hunting season

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Upcoming conservation Events

If you would like to get involved with our conservation programs and help protect the lands that you hunt on, check out the upcoming events below: