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Darwin, NT


NT Field and Game is the Northern Territory's premier gun club for shooting enthusiasts of all ages. Our members get experience in all aspects of gun control and hunting, including learning how to shoot, weekly practices and competitions as well as conservation projects that help to ensure we protect the grounds for the species that we hunt, encouraging sustainability. If you're thinking about getting involved but don't know where to start, find out what you need to know below:

My partner and kids have never shot any firearms before today, they were well coached and had a great time. The only downside is that my partner was looking up buying a shotgun - for her, not me!


Whether you're a complete beginner when it comes to firing a gun, or a seasoned pro looking for somewhere to compete, NT Field & Game is a club that will make you feel welcome. We encourage people of all ages and abilities to come down to the club and join in all of the activities below, including learning how to fire a gun safely, competing against other shooters and learning how to conserve wildlife and vegetation. 

Becoming a member

We're more than just a gun club

By joining NT Field and Game you become a member of Australia’s number one conservation, hunting and clay target organisation – Field and Game Australia. A membership with NT F&G is great value and connects you with people who have a passion for conservation, hunting and clay target shooting in the Northern Territory. NT F&G is also the only club in the Northern Territory that can provide members with access to pest eradication shoots outside of the waterfowl-hunting season.